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“The Bully Project”, A Life Changing Film, A Life Changing Topic

According to 18 million kids will be bullied in the U.S. this year, and 3 million students are absent each month from school because they feel unsafe at school.

A major topic that has come into society this year is bullying. But why is it just being recognized now? Is it worse now then it was a year ago? Has technology impacted young kids in a negative way encouraging them to bully people?

Here at FHS, a lot of students think that the bullying problem is a litte exaggerated because we aren’t realy exposed to constant bullying problems here at FHS however, a new documentary called “The Bully Project” will show anyone who does not think bullying is a huge problem that it is extremely serious and devastating for a lot of students and families across America.

This documentary follows 3 different students in 3 different schools and their struggle everyday with bullying. It also follows 2 families who have lost their children due to them committing suicide after they were constantly bullied.

The goal of this documentary is to “educate and empower kids, parents, teachers and all school staff, to build stronger communities where empathy and respect rule. We are building an alliance to turn the tide on bullying.”

Here is a link to the trailer of this documentary It’s extr

So what is the status of bullying here at FHS and what are students and teachers doing to prevent it?

A new club has been recently added to FHS. It is called the Anti-Bullying Club. The club usually meets 2 Thursdays in a month.

Club advisor Ms. Cerce says that “The main goal of this club is to raise awareness for bullying and make awareness campaigns. We also are focusing on “deleting digital drama” and ways to be nicer to one another”.

“We are advocates for prevention of bullying” says Ms. Cerce. The club is getting bigger and they hope to help people understand what bullying really is and how to recognize it.

“In the spring we are going to teach kids about appropriate behaviors online and proper “nedicite (net edicite)”.

When asked if she could give one piece of advice for students at FHS Ms Cerce said “The power of what people say can be positive or negative. Be aware of what you say and think before you say it so you can realize the possible implications”.

FHS Junior Annie Corak said “I really haven’t noticed any bullying here at the highschool, or if there is bullying it is always addressed by another student or a teacher”.

It seems that the nation has taken bullying to a new level in controlling it and preventing it however a couple years ago it was not taken very seriously, at all.

An anonymous student said “In seventh grade, on AIM, a kid put a conversation about me in his buddy info. In this conversation, two kids were asking eachother if I was gay. I confronted this kid and he apologized but kept talking about me behind my back, and thought it was funny. I went to the school board, and nothing was done.”

“I had a hard year already, ontop of experiencing bullying first hand, I became more depressed and upset. I also lost friends because of this rumor.” says Anonymous student.

This is one of the reasons why bullying is taken so seriously. It affects the lives of people immensely. Not only the person being bullied, but their families, friends, co-workers etc.

Anyone and everyone should go see this The Bully Project when is comes out in theatres. It is almost guaranteed everyone coming out of the theatre will have a completely new outlook on bullying and its terrifying side effects.

What do you think the bully status at FHS is?


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