PINTEREST: The Unknown Addicting Site

Alicia Kutil

Students are always finding new ways to get distracted from their school work whether its at home or at school. Facebook and Twitter have always been the top distracting things on the internet however there is a new website that might just take the lead.

Pinterest is an online pinboard website where you can organize and share the things you love. It consists of millions of photos of just about everything you can think of.

From Architecture, Food, Home Decor, Humor, Women’s Apparel, there are so many categories and more of creative addicting photos.

Trust me, you will be on this website for hours just looking at all of the pictures in the categories that interest you. Its almost as addicting as twitter, but its not there yet.

Junior Taylor Mccue talks about the website in a positive way.

“I just found out about the website and I went on it the other night. I literally got no work done what-so-ever because I was on the website all night looking at clothes and all sorts of other stuff!”

Anyone who goes on this website although its so creative and extremely entertaining, WARNING: its addicting.

Click here to visit the website!