All I Want For Christmas is a Million Christmas Cards

James MacLean

While many kids these days want an iPad, iPhone, a laptop, a car or anything electronic for Christmas, a little boy by the name of Max living in Iowa just wants one million Christmas Cards. The eight year-old was diagnosed with leukemia and told his parents all that he wanted for Christmas this year was to receive one million Christmas Cards.

A sophomore at WVU, West Virginia University, Krista Tatum helped spread the word to her friends and family in West Virginia and around the country.

Tatum was interviewd by WDTV Ch. 5 News and told them, “With all the support that everyone has been giving it’s going to go a lot farther than this is just a Christmas card.” The full article can be found here.

A junior at Franklin High School, Katie Hickey, found this article and knew she wanted to help. Hickey, who is on the Student council for her class, decided to include Mr. Walsh and all cards can go to his room. A box will be in his room for the card collection and all the help is much appreciated.

Hickey and another junior at Franklin High, Nicole Higgins, are asking for help from clubs like the Community Service Club but no matter what, all cards are greatly appreciated.

Katie Hickey made a status on Facebook, telling everyone, “There is a little boy (Max) in WV who has cancer and all that he wants for Christmas this year is 1 million handmade Christmas cards. I am setting up a drop off box for card donations in Mr. Walsh’s room and sending the cards this Wednesday…. any help is greatly appreciated!! Better yet if you can post this as your status that would be awesome!”

No matter what kind of Christmas card it is, all are needed for this young boy for his Christmas wish to come true.