02038: White Christmas?!

Alicia Kutil

Everyone’s wish during Christmas time is for a white Christmas. It honestly just makes the holidays more festive and fun! The big question this year since we haven’t seen snow since October is will we have a white Christmas this year!?

According to The Weather Channel, there is a slight possibility for flakes to fall on the 24th and 25th.

There are two scenarios that are possible for this weekend. The first one is  two areas of low pressure produce interior Northeast snow, but mainly rain along highly populated I-95. This is bad news for Franklin, MA. This would mean a dull, rainy, depressing Christmas! The second scenario says that if certain things go the right way, Franklin, MA will be seeing a small bit of rain but a whole lot of snow!

According to the weekend forecast, Christmas Eve is suppose to be high 40 degrees and low 31 and sunny. However Sunday is predicted to be high 40, low 27 with a 30% chance or rain and snow.

Although no one wants a huge, car trapping storm, a few snowflakes just might make the holiday that much better.