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The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


Franklin Arts Academy: Right for You?

On Thursday, January 4th the FAA will be hosting a parent/student presentation for interested candidates at 6:30pm.

If you’re still not entirely sure whether the program is right for you then reading below should clear things up.

The Franklin Arts Academy seeks students who have a strong connection with the arts and desire an education that will expand this connection into their academics. Using art integrated academics the academy encourages students of the arts to become more engaged with their education.

The core ideas include but are not limited to;

Open Honor Classes

Students have the first four weeks of school to determine whether they wish to take the regular college prep level or wish to take a more challenging route with the honors level.

Starting in October students will have chosen their level of coursework however they will not be grouped into two different class periods.

The students that elect honors will still be in the same class as the students who chose college prep however their coursework will have higher expectations then those who have elected college prep just like in a regular Franklin High class.

This is a great opportunity that allows students to have a trial period before choosing the level they find best as well as provide a more open environment since CP and Honor students are heterogeneous.

Creative Literacy

All FAA students will participate in a yearlong elective course known as Creative Literacy. The course is Open Honors and is designed to expose FAA students to a variety of art forms.

Students will find themselves challenged as they are pushed outside of their comfort zone participating in mediums outside of their own, from performing arts to music mixing.

Project-Based Learning

No, this does not mean students will not have to take tests or write essays, but it does mean that written work will not be the only assessment used to decide whether the student grasps a topic or not.

Derek Logan is a junior in the FAA.

“You need to be very organized”Logan explains. “You have to be able to balance essays with projects”. The curriculum uses a more hands-on approach to learning by providing diverse projects that encourages group work between students with different mediums to express their knowledge in a physical product.

FAA junior, Justin Evers explained how the project-base learning creates more of a community sense within the program.

“You do a lot of projects outside and meet up with kids you usually wouldn’t have associated with.”

An Open Community

Also an FAA junior, Craig Willey’s medium is visual arts.

“Everybody has the same drive to do good this year and be a creative community”.

Junior, Jessica Fortier adds that “Everybody wants to see each other succeed.”

The Franklin Arts Academy is dependent on open-mindedness to run its program and so far it seems to be working.

Junior in the FAA, Max Kinney wants to leave anyone interested in the program with these words;

“To be honest, it’s all what you make of it”.

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Applications can be found outside Ms.Hogan’s office, if you’re still looking for answers feel free to post below.