To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Maggie Daubenspeck

On October 5, 2011, Franklin High tweeted for the first time on their account, @FranklinHS, and on October 6, 2011 they tweeted for the first time on their sports account, @FHSSports.

Since then, @FranklinHS has tweeted a total of five times and @FHSSports has tweeted a total of six times. Both ceased tweeting in the month of October. This being said, why does Franklin High still have an account?

The school is not updating on school news on twitter that the students need. There is always information needed on sports, especially at the start of a new season. Information such as what papers they need, when they need to hand things in, the times of tryouts, and more.

As for school news, there is never a time where every student knows everything going on. Students need updates on dances, what day it is, the lunch menu, any clubs that were canceled, events relating to the school, and so on.

Kasey Lynch, a junior, says, “It doesn’t really affect me because I don’t have a Twitter account but I think if the school is advertising it as a source of information then they should follow through.” To those without accounts on Twitter, it would seem useless to be concerned with the lack of updates. But, as Kasey said, if it is on the school website as a source of information, then it should be a source of information.

Giovanna Ferri, a junior, however thinks, “Well I know that a ton of students tweet and it would be really helpful if [the school] sent updates through the schools twitter but they don’t so it’s really not a viable source of information.” Again, another valuable point that goes along with what Kasey said; it shouldn’t be advertised as a source of information if it really has none.

This is the age of technology and it is a rare moment when a student is not hooked up to some type of device. On phones, now, one can simply get updates on people they follow on Twitter and get notifications from Facebook. Since students are always logged in, it is a perfect opportunity for FHS to inform them.

Should the school put someone in charge of the twitter accounts and have them update it regularly? Or should someone from, say, Pantherbook update it? Either way, the students want a quick and easy way to receive news about Franklin High.