Inspiration 101

Tori Moses

Inspiration is what makes the world go round. Just the basic things you deal with during your daily life were created because someone somewhere was inspired. Just think about it. You would not have your fancy Mac or iPhone if a certain someone was not inspired to change the way technology works. But how can our generation relate? Are we the age of inspiration or are we the age of laziness?

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The world is full of things to be awed at and taken in. Everything from the movie you just saw or the book you just read all the way to the flower you passed on your way to work or the dog you saw sitting on a porch and everything in between. But do we take it for granted?

There are millions of people everyday who get inspired by the smallest things but there are also millions who lack inspiration. Nothing gets them excited or amped up so they have no motivation. It seems as if this epidemic is becoming vaster everyday. But is it the changing times or are we just not finding what suits us?

Franklin high seemed like the perfect place to get the real answers from real students.

What inspires you?

Rachael Harvey: “People who learn how to be/are independent inspire me because they don’t let anybody else influence them to be anyone but themselves. And they do what’s best for them.”

Ally Traphagen: “My favorite songs or seeing other people doing well.”

Sarah Kinney: “Mozart.”

Kasey Lynch: “Music. I love to sing songs with really meaningful lyrics to motivate myself.”

Do you think people today lack inspiration/motivation?

Andreas Okorn: “Yes people lack motivation because everyone already has everything, they don’t feel the need to work for anything anymore, because everything is handed to them.”

Rachael Harvey: “I think more people lack motivation because of people dropping out of school or quitting something because they can’t do it.”

Ally Traphagen: “I think that people lack motivation. It’s hard to find it now with our main priorities being Facebook and texting. But I think it’s getting better as we get older.”

It seems to be the general consensus that people today just don’t have the inspiration they used to have. But what can be done? I believe that there is something for everyone; they just need to discover what is it that motivates them and inspires them to go out and get stuff done. There is inspiration in everyone; you just have to look for it.