Mock Team Starts With A Win!

Rachita Chaudhury

Congratulations to the Mock Trial team for winning their first competition on Monday!

It was a close call against Hopedale, but the lawyers and witnesses pulled through to win by just 4 points. Franklin’s defense competed against Hopedale’s plaintiff group.

The defense lawyers are: juniors Sarah Vetrano and Ryan Casey, and seniors John Wiech, Nick Holland, Anirudh Singh, and Stefan Herlitz.

The witnesses are: freshman Gabby Blood, sophomore Ciara Woodward, and junior Sam Graudins.

Mock Trial scores are based on the teams’ totals. Each lawyer and witness is given a score out of 10 based on performance and whichever team has the highest total at the end wins. Franklin won 78-74.

So, the judge’s decision about the case, while still important, is not a factor in the team’s record. Franklin’s defense actually lost the case, but everyone acted their part very well so that they could win.

Next Wednesday Franklin’s plaintiff will be going up against Bellingham’s defense. Bellingham always brings a good competition, so everyone is working hard.

Overall, this was a great start to what will hopefully be a very successful season! And sign up for Mock Trial next year if you didn’t this year!