Term 2 Coming To A Close

Alicia Kutil

Every term, every year comes to a close way too fast. As one term starts it seems that only a couple weeks later it closes.

Term 2 will close on Monday January 30th, and report cards will be distributed Wednesday February 8th.

The good thing about having our grades online and visible for us to see is that we know exactly what we will have before the term ends. Not only that, but it also gives us time to retake tests, quizzes and make the best effort to bring up our grades.

Everyone always seems so suprised and angry with the term closing, just for the fact that they are disappointed in how they have done these past couple terms.

The biggest issue with high school students is that after the end of a term, comes the beginning of another where we think we can slack off and take a short break because the term wont close for a while!

However, those first couple scores can really bring down your grade if you don’t do well on them, and are hard to bring up towards the end of the term when you really start caring.

Hint: Make your best effort throughout the entire term, it only makes it harder at the end if you don’t try at the beginning.

A big upcoming grade for everyone in FHS are midterms. Although all your classes might not be giving midterms, those who are taking them, this is a huge grade for the term.

For tips for study for midterms, take a look at this article written by an FHS Student.

Here’s the midterm schedule.


D & F


1/2 Day


A & B


E & G