Attention Juniors!

Cory LeBlanc

Yes prom is around the corner, but so is graduation.

As juniors we have heard the importance of the college application process being stressed to the grades above us for quite some time. But now it is our turn! Looking for schools shouldn’t be as scary as a process as you think.

When looking for a school keep in mind..

  • What may you want to go to school for? If you don’t have an exact major, focus on subjects you did well in, in high school.
  • Where do you want to go to school? Are you ready to get out of small town Franklin and move to the city? Or do you want to run away to the Midwest?
  • Keep in mind smaller schools are more willing to take into account what you did in high school. So, sports, jobs, clubs, ect. Whereas larger schools are more into your GPA and SAT scores.
  • Also expensive schools give away the best scholarships!

The Money Factor:

Try your best not to shy away from a school just because of its tuition. There is money in places you wouldn’t imagine. Scholarship packets are offered in the guidance office. Financial aid is also given based off your parent’s income. If you are the child of a soldier, there is an abundance of tuition relievers depending on your guardian’s active duty time.

For more college help and information make an appointment with your guidance counselors, or log onto to create a free account!