Mock Team Makes History!

Mock Team Makes History!

From Left: Christine Taft, Ryan Grady, Lincoln Ombelets, and Zoher Ghadyali. Christine proceeds to introduce her co-counsel to the judge to begin the trial. Photo from Milford Daily News.

Rachita Chaudhury

Franklin High’s Mock Trial team beat Boston Latin in the “Sweet 16” round on Tuesday, breaking Franklin’s all time record.

The team will now advance to the “Elite 8” round on Monday.

Boston Latin’s team went all the way to the championship round last year with most of the same people that Franklin just beat 92-90, so we are all working hard to go all the way.

Tuesday’s trial took place in Framingham and began just like the previous 4 trials, with a motivating pep talk from Mr. Walsh. Then the actual trial began with senior Christine Taft’s great opening statement and a well delivered opening from Boston Latin as well.

Our direct attorneys which include Lincoln Ombelets, Ryan Grady, and Zoher Ghadyali then took the stage and did an awesome job proving the points of their case.

Franklin’s witnesses were very difficult for Boston Latin to break down and these people were Abhilasha Bhoruah, Andrew Marino, and Eamon McCarthy-Earls.

Lastly, our cross-examination lawyers, Christine Taft, Chris Booker, and Rachita Chaudhury attacked Boston’s witnesses.

The trial ended with strong closing statements from both sides, with Rachita Chaudhury delivering it for Franklin and Franklin was on the fence as to whether they won or not.

Once the judge finished giving pointers to both teams, he announced that in terms of the case, the defense, Boston Latin, won. Then, however, he proceeded to announce that the plaintiff, Franklin, won in terms of the points!

Franklin was and still is shocked and thrilled that they got this far. The confidence boost will hopefully give us what we need to win on Monday.

If we do win, we will proceed to the “Final 4” and Mr. Walsh has agreed to grow a mustache for a week. Both serve es effective incentives for the team!

Congratulations to the team for working hard and making history!