Prom Tickets: Get them NOW!

Prom Tickets: Get them NOW!

This will be the website for students to purchase their tickets.

Prom is fastly approaching for the juniors and tickets are still yet to be bought by students. An online payment system through the Franklin High School website can be found to purchase the tickets. Students can purchase tickets here.  Prom t-shirts & class dues can also be purchased at the website over at the section Transactions: FHS Class of 2013.

Class Dues are $25.00 per student, Prom Tickets are $100.00 per student, and Prom T-shirts are $20.00.

The only reason for students NOT to purchase tickets are online is if they are one of the many students who participated in the magazine fundraiser or were one of the top 5 sellers from the holiday catalogue fundraiser. If so, then the students are supposed to go to Ms. Paolini’s room in D wing during the week of April 9th – April 13th. This is the week before Spring Break, so make sure not to forget to get your tickets!

The Prom T-shirt can be seen on the FHS Class of 2013 Facebook page . The black t-shirt has “Prom 2012” on the front in white lettering, with the Eiffel Tower replacing the 1 in 2012. The saying on the back is “Une nuit enchantee” which can be translated to “An enchanted night” in French. The shirt reflects the Paris theme.

So go online or to Ms. Paolini’s room soon to purchase you’re tickets for this night you’re sure to never forget!