Decisions, Decisions

Connor Donahue

As the school year winds down and the warmth of spring begins, seniors are starting to make many important decisions.

For the past seven months, the senior class have been waiting anxiously to hear back from the colleges they applied to. Now that all the acceptance and denial letters have been handed back students have to pick where they will be spending the next four years of their life.

“It looked nice and had the majors I am interested in” says senior Steve Parece about his commitment to Westfield State University.

For some the pick is easy, students have fallen in love with schools from the very beginning. However, the majority of students are having a much harder time deciding.

“I was really comfortable at both campuses and I knew I would be happy at either one, for this, it is a hard and very difficult decision to make since it will shape my future.” says senior Maria Kangas who is trying to decide between Endicott College and Quinnipiac University.

Seniors have a big decision to make in the up coming months and for some it will be easy and others very difficult.