Hitting All the Right Notes: MICCA

Laura Cafasso, Writer

It was a weekend of musical triumph for Franklin High’s orchestra, band and chorus. They all participated at various schools throughout Massachusetts, and all managed to take home either silver or bronze.

The orchestra competed at Foxboro High School on Saturday ultimately recieving a bronze medal.

Allyson Lococo a sophomore who plays the viola, was slightly let down.

“I was a little disappointed at first, but it was a good learning experience.”

Jay Tieran, also a sophomore had this to say:

“I felt we could have done better.”

The chorus and select chorus competed at Algoquin High School, both receiving silver. The slect chorus sang Dark Eyed Sailor, Nia, and Lebunslust. The chorus also had a flurry of creative tunes like Kappee, Flower of Beauty, and Kahi Amanu.

Elise Riveria, singer for both choruses, was very proud of their performance.

“It was great to see our hard work pay off.”

The band also marched away with a bronze medal, playing at Foxboro High School. Bria Adams, a sophomore who plays Alto-Sax was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

“Well I wasn’t even expecting to win us to win a medal honestly. A lot of people weren’t. But I guess you can take what you can get, right?”

Sarah Carroll, a sophomore who plays the clarinet, was very enthusiastic about the band’s win.

“I had a good time because I got to do something I really enjoy and the music had its challenges.. .”

It was a weekend of joy and critical acclaim for Franklin High School, as all the performers showed their instrumental and vocal ability.

If you see a band, orchestra, or chorus member in the halls of school, be sure to wish them congratulations!

To visit the MICCA website, click here: http://www.miccamusic.org/