Emerson Day

Emerson Day

FHS students dress up for Emerson Day!

Pooja Agarwal

Imagine walking down the hall on a seemingly regular Friday.  You see people with tape over their mouths, a girl in a pilot suit, and then a stranger runs up to you and gives you a high five.  Is this a normal Friday?  Of course not, it’s Emerson Day!

On Friday, February 10th, students in 9 Honors with Mr. Koch and Mr. Dibona participated in Emerson Day, or non-Conformity Day.  Even past 9 Honors students who wanted to be part of the fun participated!  For those who do not know what Emerson Day is,  you are supposed to do something that makes you uncomfortable or is a change from something you normally do.

So who is this Emerson?  Ralph Waldo Emerson was an essayist, a poet, and a lecturer that was part of the American Transcendental movement in the 1800s.  Basically, one of his most important theories was that it is important to be yourself, and not conform to society or yourself, which was the goal of this assignment.

Bridget Belcher, a current student of Mr. Koch changed up her look, and went casual for the day unlike her usual chic style.  She didn’t find dressing down intimidating, but she was uncomfortable and didn’t enjoy it.

So next year, although you probably will not be in 9 Honors, find out when Emerson Day will be, and try something new because you might find that it is not so bad after all.