What even is SDLP?

SDLP at Helen Keller Elementary School

SDLP at Helen Keller Elementary School

Megan Proulx

If you want real experience doing what you love, then SDLP is a great way to get started. In the Student Directed Learning Program, students are able to reach their goals by using hands on experience.

As an SDLP student, I know how enjoyable doing what you love during school, is. I go to Helen Keller Elementary School during my SDLP block and help out in a fourth grade classroom. Doing this, I’ve learned skills about becoming a teacher, and learned more about what I want to pursue in life. I’ve learned important skills that are required to teach, but I also learned more about myself through the program. This program has taught me about what I would really like to do with my future and career.

Other students use their SDLP block to make movies, practice photography, assist other teachers in the school, ect. As long as you’re interested in it, and have achievable goals, you can pretty much doing anything during SDLP. Many students have found that the program was a great way to prepare themselves for time management in college and learn more about what they would like to major in.

The adviser of the SDLP program, Ms. Yankee, organizes monthly meetings to make sure we are on track with our goals. As the adviser, she also helps us reevaluate goals and set up new things to do during SDLP in case we decide that what we’re doing now is not the best fit. As Ms. Yankee always says, “It’s only important if you’re learning something.”

If you want to learn more about what you love, and get experience doing it, then SDLP would be a great fit. Many senior SDLP students used SDLP as a way to ensure what they want to do in college and with the rest of their careers.

SDLP is also a great time to volunteer. Some students travel over to the Senior Center to volunteer there and find it very rewarding to them. There are many ways to get involved in the community using SDLP. Through volunteering, you might even find more about what you want to pursue as a career and there isn’t a better time to find out than during SDLP!

The SDLP program is a great fit for anyone looking to begin pursuing their career before college or even see if that career is a good choice for them. I would highly recommend this program to every incoming junior and senior because as nice as the freedom received from SDLP is, the lessons learned throughout the year doing what you love is the best part.