Class of 2016 Election…Colleen Proulx

Class of 2016 Election...Colleen Proulx

*Pantherbook has invited candidates for the Class of 2016 to introduce themselves prior to Friday’s election (9/28)…

Hi Franklin High School’s Class of 2016!
I am Colleen Proulx, and I am running for Vice President of our class. I really want to receive this position as Vice President, and I want everyone to know that I am willing to commit my time if elected. As a student, I am interested in this position because it seems like a great way to get involved with our school and make positive changes. If I was elected into the student government, I would be so excited to be able to have a part in Franklin High School. I want to be able to communicate with the other officers and communicate your ideas and thoughts. I want our school to be a positive place, and I believe we can accomplish that by being proactive. People should follow the positive influences at our school and be a part of the community.
I have been a part of the student government three years before, and I am hoping that this year with be my fourth. I am very excited to share my opinions on supporting the school and taking my part. I want everyone to be a part of the school, and being elected as Vice President will help me accomplish my goal. I will be committed to the school and the student government. I am very dependable and enthusiastic about school, and if elected, I could not be more excited to be your Vice President.
Vote Colleen Proulx as your next Vice President of the student body if you want a strong leader that can help our school! Don’t forget to be at school on Thursday September 27th to hear my speech and the other future members of your student government! Thank you for taking time to read this and be interested in our school.
-Colleen Proulx