Class of 2016 Elections…Rachel Solomon

Class of 2016 Elections...Rachel Solomon

*With the Class of 2016 election coming on Friday (9/28), Pantherbook has invited candidates to introduce themselves…

Dear Class of 2016,

My name is Rachel Solomon and I am running for your Class President. I have several great qualifications that I would like to talk to you about that may impact your voting choice.

At the Kennedy School I was a member of the first ever student council. During my term we opened the first student run school store.

At Horace Mann I was on the Student Council Executive Board and was an effective voice for the student body. I helped lead the effort to reestablish a dance that had not been held at the school for many years. It was a daunting task to convince the administration to support a dance that many thought could not succeed, but in the end was a huge success. Along with this, I played a major role in fundraising over $5,000, a large portion of which went directly to the Franklin Food Pantry. In my final year at Horace Mann, I was inducted into the Six Pillar Society and received the leadership award of my graduating class.

In addition, for the past three summers I have attended national leadership conferences. At each conference, the leadership skills of goal setting, communication, trustworthiness, respect, teamwork, and problem solving were all emphasized. These conferences have helped me to develop these important skills needed for the role of President of the Class of 2016.

If I am fortunate enough to win your vote and be elected as Class President, there is so much we will be able to do together to help form a cohesive school community. We can raise funds for our causes and organize special activities to further enrich our school life. It will also be important that we find ways to work together as a class to give back to our community in as many ways as possible. In addition, I will want to hear your own ideas that we can work together on throughout the school year to further improve our school life.

Thank you and I hope I can count on your vote for Class President.

Rachel Solomon