Class of 2016 Election…Jeff Wu

Dear Class of 2016,

Hi everyone! My name is Jeff Wu and I am looking forward to a great first year at Franklin High School and hope you feel the same. If not, then I hope to change your opinion by the end of the year which is why I am running for Class Vice President. I would dearly like to have this position for I believe it is a great way to help the community of Franklin High School and its students. I am more than willing to devote my time and effort into this for the thought that it will have a positive impact on this already flourishing community. I will be happy to share your ideas and thoughts with the rest of the student government if elected.
As a student in middle school I worked diligently in every class and wish to do the same at Franklin High. I enjoy helping others with their needs and by being Vice President I will be able to. I am well organized as to where I can find everything I need when I need it. Also I enjoy having conversations of any sort and meeting new people. After playing the violin for six years I have decided to become a mentor for young students of the string school program afterschool on Mondays. I will be helping to promote basic habits of a good string player and from this hope to have the skills as a leader to encourage good things from the community of Franklin Highs School.
This year I hope to help with finding a solution to students’ problems or situations. I also hope to be able to raise money to help make fun events planned throughout the school year happen as well as help organize these events. If elected I will devote myself to the position of Class Vice President and strive to help have a positive impact on this fantastic community. Feel free to talk to me about any questions or concerns you have as my locker is located in B wing on the second floor. Also feel free to search me up on Facebook to ask any questions or simply to have a conversation. Thank you for time to read this and have a great day!

Jeff Wu