Class of 2016 Election…Sabrina Roche

Class of 2016 Election...Sabrina Roche

Dear Class of 2016,
Hi my name is Sabrina Roche and I am running for the position of Class Treasurer. I believe that I am truly qualified for the position. As a responsible Freshman I am ready to take on the challenges and requirements if elected Treasurer.
I am a dedicated hard worker who is dependable and reliable and can be counted on to get the job done well. An attribute a treasurer needs to have is being financially conscious, I feel that I have the ability to spend wisely and be mindful of what the money is being spent on. Along with the position comes the responsibility to attend the weekly meetings. As a student I can say I stay on top of my school work and handle my time wisely. I can assure you that I will be able to attend all of the student government meetings and put as much time and effort into the meeting as I do with school work and any other extracurricular activities.
In middle school I was a part of the Annie Sullivan student government. With experience in student government I know how to be a listener as well as a participator. I am determined to improve FHS as a whole. I feel if I become a part of student government I will be able to add something to the Franklin High School community.
Being part of student government has always been an interest to me. I want to be more involved with the school; student government is a way I can achieve that. My goal is to be the best treasurer so that we spend wisely on things that are important to the students. Please consider my ideas and vote for me, as your Class Treasurer.
Sabrina Roche