Class of 2016…John Salzillo

Hey folks, I’m John Salzillo and I’m running for Class President for the freshmen class of 2012. As you may know, I consider myself a natural leader and have a great interest in politics- as well as music and cars. I served on the student council at Annie Sullivan for a year, but did not run again because I felt like it didn’t get much accomplished except for a few fundraisers each year. That being said, I feel that Student Government in high school is much more significant; according to upper classmen, it seems that things are actually accomplished for the benefit of the student body. I plan on being someone the class can depend on to get things done; that is my ambition as an aspiring Student Government member. Thank you for your time, look forward to hearing more about myself in my upcoming speech, and vote Salzillo for President in 2012.

John Salzillo