Parking Lot Frenzy

Parking Lot Frenzy

The new High School shows plenty of parking spaces available. Photo courtesy of Milford Daily News.

Mr. Schmidt explains the parking lot issue

Brittany Landry, Staff

With the new school on the way, Franklin High School is about to undergo a series of changes regarding the student parking lot, this is bound to spark controversy school wide.

When the new high school begins construction this November, the parking lot will be filled with construction workers, committee members and huge machines filling up student parking spaces. From now until the end of 2014, student’s once guaranteed parking spots will be limited.

“We anticipate there being a loss of parking spots…we figure we are going to lose some spots which is one of the reasons why we brought the parking passes back” says Mr.Schmidt, Assistant Vice Principle at Franklin High School.

Along with the school’s latest crack down on the attendance policy, frustrations may rise throughout the building as students attempt to arrive earlier for school. And what about the teenagers who drive their siblings to school? They will have to get up twice as early each morning just to park!

“There could be some road rage or car crashes because people will be rushing to get spots, as bad as that sounds it wouldn’t surprise me if there were a couple fender benders” says Kaitlin Copponi, Senior at Franklin.

“Have kids park up on the hill next to the school and that’s the only thing I could really see working” says Copponi, giving her suggestion in improving the parking space dilemma.

Now that students are faced with the reality that they will have to get up earlier just to be able to park, some members of Franklin are thinking of solutions to the problem. What is your opinion on the upcoming parking space shortage? Write your suggestions or opinions below or answer the poll on how to improve the situation!

What do you think we should do to get more parking spaces?


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