Traffic in C Wing

Anyone who walks through the halls of Franklin High School can see that there is clearly a lot of people, and sometimes that causes traffic. If asked where the most crowded place in the school is, any FHS student would definitely say that it’s outside of c wing.

Nobody knows why this area of the school is so crowded. People blame the freshman, just because everyone blames freshman for everything. But also its because of the fact that they’re to scared to go around people or slide by them, so they just stand there and wait for everyone.

A lot of the upperclassmen just push through everyone, so that also causes the freshman to just stand there and try to get out of the way of the seniors. C wing is right in the middle of the senior hallway. Maybe the seniors just standing around doesn’t help the traffic either.

Why is it just c wing? There is another door under the stairs that you can exit out of in c wing that brings you right into main hall, but even when people use that door it doesn’t help much with the traffic.

“I saw someone faking a nose bleed to get through all of the people because he was getting so frustrated, and it actually worked, everyone got out of his way.” Senior Michaela Shimkus said. That is one solution to this problem.

Everyone complains about how they don’t like having to wait so long to get in and out of C wing, and how it makes some people late to class at times, but they don’t do anything to change it.

“The traffic is stupid and annoying. People don’t know how to move out of they way and they just stand there in the middle of the hall so it causes a traffic jam and nobody gets anywhere.” Junior Kelsey Porter said.

When asked about the traffic in front of C wing, Ms Gannon said how they can‘t even put seniors in the lockers across from the wing because there is too much traffic there.

“I think if people pick up their feet and walk at a normal pace then there would be less traffic.” Porter said. There isn’t much else than can be done about this issue.