Feeling Stressed Out Seniors?

Andrew Sergi

Seniors of FHS are in the process of completing college applications and essays, but is it too much? With the aid of the new application processor Naviance, it allows students to schedule appointments, send scores, and fill out applications directly online. With the stress of school, sports, jobs, and college work, students may be overwhelmed and overloaded.

High school senior Darla Quijada said, “I don’t like everyone talking about it and should keep it to themselves. Although it’s stressful, the deadlines are are reasonable because it’s the people that apply for early actions responsibility to meet all the deadlines”.

Students that are applying for early action have even more on their plate. All students who are applying for early action must meet the deadline or their scores and applications will not be considered.

Another essential part of the college application process is the personal essay. Many kids find this written work irksome because of its subject. The majority of students aren’t sure what they are writing about.

As seniors rush to send in their application and scores to colleges, stress will be part of their daily lives for the rest of the year.