PSAT Pandemonium!

Zak Borrelli, Writer

New this year at Franklin High School, the PSAT’s will be administered during the first three periods of the day (Periods A, B, and C) on October 17th.

An email sent out by Mr. Light informed both students and parents that all FHS juniors have been registered by the staff to take the exam at no cost. Information about the exam is also on the front page of the FHS website.

Guidance counselors have begun visiting juniors during history classes to explain procedures for the exam and to give test taking preparation tips.

“I wish we had it like that” said FHS senior Justin Yanchich, talking about the new pilot PSAT program out into action.

“It would have made it a lot easier for people to do. I know a few people that couldn’t make it because they had other things to do.” continued Yanchich.

One of the main reasons this new program has been put into place is because of the lack of students able to take the exam.

About 20% of students did not access the exam due to conflicts, financial considerations, or other reasons in previous years.

“I like it. I took the PSAT last year and had to go on a Saturday morning” said FHS junior Rachita Chaudhury when asked how she felt about the new method for administering the exam.

Chaudhury would go on to say that “more people will know how to prepare for the SAT and more people will have the chance at scholarship money”.

Hopefully, the new PSAT method will be a positive experience for everyone.

Do you think the new PSAT procedures will be beneficial?


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