Olivia Staves

Its only mid October and the chatter in the halls of Franklin High School is already about prom. Even though prom is such an exciting experience, is it too early to start thinking about it and planning everything?

The juniors have already started to fund-raise in order to raise money so they can have an amazing prom experience.

Even people in other grades besides just the juniors are talking about prom already and how they want to find some way to go.

Prom is usually held around the month of May. That is many months away. People are already discussing what they want their dresses to look like and what they want to do with their hair. Prom isn’t for a while, so is it too early to start obsessing over it all?

Obviously, if you think about your junior year, you probably think prom. Sometimes that’s what everyone waits for and is most excited about when they come into high school. With the fundraising for the Junior class currently going on, naturally, a lot of people will think about prom, but the fact that everyone is already planning everything is a bit much.

“I didnt really think about prom too much or get too excited about it until like January. I think its kind of early to be hearing everyone talking about it” said FHS senior Michaeala Shimkus. Last year, the excitement for prom didn’t start for most people until around January, when it was a bit closer.

It’s good to plan ahead for these things, so you won’t be rushing around last minute. But a lot of things could change between now and then.

The fact that prom is so far away, if every is already planning their perfect prom experience and thinking about exactly how they want their night to be, and with whom, if things change by then that could cause a lot of frustration.

“I didn’t start even thinking about prom until about February, I think.” said FHS Senior Ashley Jennings. “Plus the only reason I really even did at the time was so I could put my dress on hold so nobody else would get the same one as me.” Jennings said.

Looking for dresses online or going to a store a trying them on to see what you like or get an idea of what you want for prom is okay, but buying one now is a little extreme. Who says you’ll still be the exact same size in 6 months? Or maybe you just won’t like that dress anymore, or you might find one you like even more.

Planning out little things for prom at this point in time is okay, but don’t stress too much over it. You still have a while to wait.

Will you be attending prom this year?


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