Yo Yogibo!

Yo Yogibo!

FHS students love relaxing on the Yogibo bean bag chairs after a long day of hard work

Zak Borrelli, Writer

After a year of being shrouded in mystery, it’s finally time to learn the story behind the bean bag chairs in the FHS library.

When the Yogibo bean bags first arrived, students had no idea what they where, where they came from or why they were there.

“The chairs were put in the library to provide more comfortable seating so that it would encourage pleasure reading, reading magazines, reading other materials, and give students a comfortable place to sit and do homework.” said FHS librarian Ms. Waite.

It was Ms. Waite who decided to bring these comfortable chairs into the library.

When asked why she chose these specific chairs she said “It was the most inexpensive route to go to get alternative seating that is comfortable.”

The bean bag chairs were a great decision, most students really enjoy them.

“I use them just about every day during track season” said FHS junior Patrick Milne when asked about how often he uses the alternative seating.

Milne would go on to say “it’s quite fun” to “hang out” and relax on the bean bag chairs with his friends after a long day of school.

The Yogibo bean bag chairs are a hit among students, and if you have not sat in one yet, stop by the FHS library for some lounging around!

Do you enjoy the Yogibo bean bag chairs in the library?


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