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The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


The School Newspaper of Franklin High School


Easy Way to Get in the Yearbook…

Hey were you wondering when your clubs’ photo for the yearbook was going to be taken? Well, tomorrow October 26th is the day for this! Look your best and do not miss out on the announcements as they will be letting you know who’s turn it is.

Talking to a fellow Franklin High School student, she said she was not aware the photos were taking place tomorrow. She is a member of a few clubs but feels she does not participate enough to go to the photos.

“Oh yes, I know the photos are being taken. I am in student government, student council, ski and board and, green team and that’s it for this year. I was previously in a lot more, but not as much this year. I will be going to my clubs’ photos,” Darla Quijada, senior at FHS said about club photos.

Here is a list of clubs with their time for their photo (in case you miss the announcement):

Academic Decathlon – 8:00

Anime – 8:10

Anti-bullying Club – 8:10

Art club – 8:20

Best Buddies – 8:30

Change for a Chance – 8:40

Classics Club – 8:50

Classics Club Certamen Team – 8:50

Community Service Club – 9:00

Drama Club – 9:10

Gay/Straight Alliance – 9:20

Green Team – 9:30

Literary Guild – 9:40

Math Team – 9:40

Mirage – 9:50

Mock Trial – 9:50

National Honor Society – 10:00

Organ Donation Club – 10:10

Pantherbook – 10:20

Peer Leadership – 10:30

SADD – 10:40

Science & Engineering Club – 10:50

Ski & Board Club – 1:00

Sound in the Hall Records and Sound in the Hall Radio – 1:10

Radio – 1:10

Student Government – 1:20

Tri-M Music Honor Society – 1:30

Ultimate Frisbee – 1:40

World Challenge – 1:40

Young Ameircans for Freedom – 1:50

Young Democrats 1:50

Here is an interview with one of the yearbook editors!