Halloween Hits Franklin High

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Halloween, falling on a Wednesday, gets the students at Franklin High School rowdy and showing some spirit. Looking around the school you may see some unique outfits, things you would not expect from your average high schoolers.

The cheerleaders all dressed up as cats, coordinated quite well with each other. A clever group of senior girls all dressed as their group of boy friends, looked quite dashing to say the least. They got a few awkward stare downs and lots of laughs. Two senior girls, fellow hockey players, decided to dress as “tellytubies” with full body suits.

The administrators made an announcement Wednesday morning right as school began about what costumes would not be aloud. Nothing covering the face was to be worn and if the costumes became “distracting” then it was required you must comply.

Take a look at what I saw around the school…

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