Storm of the Season

Rachel , Writer

Just this past weekend, residents from all over New England, New Jersey, and New York were bracing for the storm of the season; by Monday afternoon, Hurricane Sandy was raging with 90 mile-per-hour winds across the region.

Not surprisingly, the damage from this powerful tempest was both widespread and devastating—and while Franklin was certainly not drowning in waves or four feet of snow, people were feeling the effects.

“I lost power for more than 24 hours, and I just got it back last night. It was terrible! You can’t do anything…and you realize just how dependent we are on technology,” says FHS Junior Hannah Daly when asked about the recent hurricane’s effects.

“It’s really inconvenient!” agrees 11th grader Stephanie Queenan. “I was in the dark for hours, and it really stinks holding candles around trying to get ready for school in the morning. Plus, you can’t even cook dinner! I was so happy when the lights came back on yesterday, but in the meantime it was tough.”

Of course, Hurricane Sandy didn’t just cut off the power of millions of people and whip around a few branches. In fact, with the weather report sporting a five-day bout of scattered showers and rain, another central concern is Halloween.

Will the broken trees scattered around the road be dangerous for trick-or-treaters? Furthermore, with hundreds of people in Franklin still left in the dark, just how many costumed kids will want to go out for candy?

“People are usually really last minute about buying Halloween candy and costumes, so I think the hurricane prevented them from being prepared,” comments Daly.

“I think it really depends on what part of the town you live in. Some people have power, but others don’t,” states Junior Maggie McDonald. “People’s costumes might get pretty wet with the rain, but it won’t be postponed.”

Either way, Hurricane Sandy’s effects are palpable throughout the entirety of northeast. Whether it’s power outage, broken trees, or flooded basements, there’s no denying that this storm set records like never before.

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