A Chilly November

Rachel , Writer

Here in New England during the frigid fall months, it’s all about the hot chocolate, warm gloves, and cozy sweaters—especially when temperatures are dropping to the low 40s.

After last year’s unusually warm summer and record-setting mild winter, the threat of a chilly 2012 fall was almost nonexistent. However, according to recent predictions, the prospect of a wet and snowy November and December is much more real than we thought.

Needless to say, it’s clearly time to pack up the tee-shirts and bring out the scarves—which means a plethora of Ugg Boots and North Faces here at Franklin High.

For some, the fast-approaching holidays and below-freezing weather couldn’t be more exciting.

“Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays during the late fall…it’s the best!” says Junior Stephanie Queenan.

Becca Urquhart, a student at Franklin High, agrees.

“My favorite part of the fall and early winter is the colorful leaves and cool weather. I’m looking forward to the snow!” exclaims Urquhart.

“I love the outfits of the fall and winter and it is one of my favorite seasons! I also love the layers, scarves, and boots…it’s the best time of year,” says 11th grader Allison Klowan.

Others, such as Junior Kim Nguyen, are not as optimistic.

“I hate the freezing cold! ” comments Nguyen. “I prefer the mild weather of the early fall where you can just put on a sweater rather than a puffy jacket. Plus, snow and rain will be inconvenient for new drivers…it’s not good at all, and it’s also pretty annoying.”

“Then again,” she adds on a bittersweet note, “I do like that this is the time of year when the holidays come around.”

Despite the sharp differences in opinions, there’s no denying that turkeys, apple pie, and chilly temperatures are just around the corner for New Englanders…it’s just a matter of weeks. So the question remains: are you excited for the frigid fall flurries?

Are you excited for the chilly weather and holiday season?


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