FHS’s Fun Filled Fall

FHSs Fun Filled Fall

Alicia Kutil and Kristi Kirshe, juniors at the time, are posing as they get pumped up for the annual Powderpuff Football Game. The two happened to play key roles in the junior girl’s victory last year.

Kaitlin Copponi, Boss

Fall is the season of exciting events here at FHS and there are a a handful of choices that everyone can participate or attend in some way or somehow. The more you participate the more bragging rights you gain for your class, so why not do what you can and live your high school life to it’s fullest potential.

“My favorites [fall activity wise] are between football and powderpuff. Football because it gives students a chance to get involved with the school, and get back together with friends who you might not have been with over the summer. I would also say powderpuff because it involves students of all grades competing for bragging rights. And, it is overall extremely entertaining and fun to be a part of,” says Brendan Kuzio, senior basketball and baseball player as his opinion on fall activities.

The list below includes the major upcoming events, dates and times will be released soon.

-Spirit week

-Powederpuff Football Game

-Pep Rally

-Thanksgiving Day Football Game

Spirit week goes on during the week before the Thanksgiving Day Football Game. Each day is a different theme. By participating, points are earned by each person, the more points received the closer that class is to winning spirit week, a title to brag about. As of now the days are said to be PJ day, tie-dye/neon day, America day, superhero day and white out day. (comment with other suggestions)

Powderpuff Football is when a group of girls get coached by a group of boys and take on other grades in a football game. Practices are held before hand as each grade prepares to fight their hardest to take down their opponents.

Pep Rallys at Franklin High consist of all the fall sport’s teams marching out, a performance by the cheerleaders, a speech by Coach Sidwell and finally the senior boys’ dance. This is time out of class well spent.

Our Thanksgiving Day Football Game will be held at King Philip High School this year. As many fans as possible must show up to help our boys bring home the win.

Now, these are not the only activities going on at FHS. Not only are these events something to look forward to and participate in but since it is still the first half of the year, clubs are looking for more members. Participating in clubs is a great way to meet new people and partake in what you enjoy. At this time the girl’s soccer team, volleyball team and field hockey team are all still in the tournament, come to the games and show your support. Listen to the announcements and show up!


What are you most excited for out of these upcoming fall activities?


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