FHS Spirit Week 2012!

Michaela Shimkus


It’s here FHS! Time to dress up, have fun, and compete for your class to be crowned Spirit week champions!

The week will kick off on Tuesday (11/13) with a traditional pajama day! Grab your flannel sweats, footsie pajamas and slippers and stay comfy after an already extra long weekend!

Go crazy on Wednesday with bright colors on Neon/Tie Dye day. Outshine your classmates with your luminescent  bandanas,  t-shirts, face paints, etc. Remember to get colorful FHS! This is another easy way to earn points for your class!

It’s a bird, its a plane, its…Superhero day! On Thursday, ( also a half day!) you can dress up as your favorite super hero, villain, sidekick, you choose!

Hey, maybe you’ll even create your own superhero! The possibilities are endless, so get creative FHS!

Since it is just a week after the presidential election, why not show off your patriotic spirit on Friday, America day.

There are plenty of possibilities for this theme. You could simply wear red, white, and blue. Or go extreme! Dress up as a president or American landmark!

But wait! The competition doesn’t end just yet. Spirit week continues the following week on Monday 11/19 ( Another half day!)

Monday will be sports day! Show your team pride with your FHS football, soccer,track, volleyball,(etc.) jerseys! Or support your favorite profession sports team!

The final day, (also the day of the pep rally), will be a white out! Unite with your school and wear white!

Participating in Spirit week is a great  way to have fun and celebrate our school!

“All of the excitement leads up to the pep rally, and then after that, its exciting to be on Thanksgiving break!” stated Senior Kathryn Mason on why she enjoys spirit week.

Not only does Spirit week distract from the agonizing week  of anticipating  Thanksgiving break, but it brings the school together.

“It’s a time for your class to become more united. And if you win, it’s a chance to leave your mark on the school.” Senior Sarah Chandler said about participating in spirit week.

So, what’s it going to be FHS?

Are you ready to go all out for spirit week?

Why not? Just imagine this trophy with your class’ name across it: