Traffic Troubles

Traffic Troubles

The former access road is now blocked off, rerouting students to the main entrance of the school.

Jason Fasano, Writer

Since construction on the new school began earlier this month, getting to school has become a nightmare for many student drivers.

After sitting in the Oak Street traffic for ten minutes, students finally roll into the school parking lot to face a fluorescent yellow sign: “Construction Has Begun- Expect Delays.”

The announcements began a couple days before the construction was set to begin, warning students that the access road to the student parking lot would be closed, as well as several rows from the lot itself.

“My neighbor drives me to school, and ever since the access road was closed he’s been dropping me off at the loop and then going to find a spot to park so I can make it in on time” said Junior Tara Doherty.

The first day the changes went into affect attendance was held to allow students to figure out the new system, however administration made it clear they had no intentions of holding attendance past this point.

“My ride used to take about ten minutes, now it takes more than 20. I’ve already been late to school a couple of times” said Senior Kevin Leffert.

With construction of the new school scheduled to be finished by the start of the 2015 school year, it seems that students are going to have to get used the reality of long lines in the morning.

The new school, although it will obviously be great for underclassmen who will get to enjoy it once it is done, seems to be nothing but another headache in an already stressful year for upperclassmen.

How has the construction impacted your ride?


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