Franklin High goes to D.C.

Anthony Vendetti, chairman

The lucky students who enrolled in the class AP Government get to go to Washington D.C. to watch President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

“I’m most excited about being able to experience such a rare opportunity which is seeing the inaugural address,” said Senior Class President Nicole Higgins and it truly is such a rare opportunity to see the president’s inaugural address in person.

“Students will definitely benefit from this event. It only happens once every four years, and we actually get to see what happens in Washington and not hear it from someone else” said Higgins

“I’m most excited about actually going on a field trip that might be enjoyable. I mean we are going to see the president how often does that happen.” said Junior Class President Tom Downing.

“I am really not nervous about anything but if I had to choose something it might be that there will be so many people there and who knows what could happen there are a lot of people who dislike the president”, said Downing.

There may be reason for people to be nervous to see the president as Tom said “a lot of people dislike the president.” There could be a protest by people who supported Romney.