A Look Inside: Franklin Arts Academy

Mike Schratz, Writer

Two FHS students, Conor Sweeny and Eric Cohen, have enjoyed the experience in the Franklin Arts Academy this school year, but what is FAA?

The Franklin Arts Academy gives students an opportunity to be taught the same curriculum, yet it is learned a new way.

“I really did not like going to school last year and freshman year,” said Sweeny, a junior in the program, “coming to school this year is a lot better than it has been.”

Some people are unsure of  the difference between FAA and normal classes, but students who have experienced both understand the contrast.

“We do videos, songs, and make art projects for all different classes” explained Sweeny, “you learn more visually than you do with book work.”

“I think it’s a great program, especially for kids who struggle with school” stated Sweeny’s junior classmate Cohen. “It’s an outlet to express themselves artistically.”

For the average high school kid, school is not the most interesting thing, but FAA helps make learning tolerable.

“I like to pay attention in class” claimed Cohen, “I don’t find myself dosing off as much.”

“If your grades aren’t that good, you’re really into art, and you’re more of a visual learner, you should diffidently give it a chance.” advises Sweeny.

What is you view on FAA?


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