Prom Mania

Prom Mania

Selecting Prom Gear!

Brittany Landry, staff

On April 26th at Lombardos in Randolph, Juniors from Franklin High will be arriving to the most anticipated high school event of their career, Prom.

With prom quickly creeping around the corner, Juniors are beginning to freak out about all the necessities of Prom.

Finding a date, a dress, and a group to go with are all the essential necessities for Prom.

A Prom dress group was even created for all the Junior girls months in advanced to Prom, in anticipation for this major high school event.

“All of the sudden I checked on Facebook Saturday and a bunch of people added a ton of dresses.” says Erica Luttazi junior at FHS.

 Girls are in an absolute frenzy and swarming Prom dress shops as well as ordering their dresses online.

“I still have to book a party bus, go dress shopping and find a place to take pictures before” says Luttazi.

Girls are even booking their hair appointments months in advanced and not surprisingly, girls are freaking out about Prom more than the guys.

However guys do carry the burden of asking their date out in a cute or quirky way.

Although many are freaking out about Prom, some students have jumped ahead of the game and have already began booking buses as well as purchasing their gowns.

“I’m not really stressed out about prom because unlike most people I have everything set up that I really need even though it’s far away” says Kelsey Santello Junior at FHS.

It’s safe to say with Prom quickly approaching, Juniors at FHS are beginning to feel the pressure of the most anticipated event of the year.

How prepared for prom are you?


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