Where’s The Delay?

Brittany Landry, staff

The morning of January 16th caused havoc for many students driving into school with the unexpected 4 inches of snow fall on the ground.

While Bellingham closed their schools for the day, Franklin continued their day and neglected to delay or close the school.

With the hazardous roads and snow covered cars, students had a difficult time getting to school.

FHS delayed attendance until 8:15.

“My car was covered in snow and it took me like 10 minutes just to get the ice off of the window” says Kendall Trenchard, junior at FHS.

Just getting into student’s cars posed as a difficult task and caused delays to their mornings.

“I live right down the street and it took me so much longer just to get into the parking lot” says Trenchard.

To most students it is clear that their should have been a delay.

The superintendent of Franklin Schools received multiple angry e-mails from students and parents about the conditions of the roads Wednesday morning.

“We were advised to keep the school systems opened and that the roads were cleared” Maureen Sabolinski, FHS superintendent replied via email.

Sabolinski apologized for the inconvenience and noted that if a parent chose to keep their child home from school then their would be no penalty.

Although Franklin School systems may have made a mistake in not closing the schools, they were preventing another school day added to the end of the year.

What should the School have done regarding the snow?


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