Lovefest Rocks FHS

Lovefest Rocks FHS

Lovefest program previews a night that was extrodianary

Jonathan Geromini, Writer

The stage of any big time play is where a person or a group of people can show who they are and show off their talents that many people may not know that they had. On Wednesday February 13th and Thursday February 14th  that’s what many Franklin High School students did at Lovefest.

If anyone gave the show expectations beforehand the Lovefest cast and crew met them and then some by putting on some of the best performances in the history of FHS.

For a show to be good it starts at the top and boy did Lovefest have an interesting top with the hosts of the event seniors Sean Donovan, Max Kinney and Dakota Craig who provided funny and enthusiastic commentary between acts.

The show started out with great song performances by  junior Gabbie Kane  and seniors Kristen and Shannon Kinney mixed in with funny and enjoying skits by seniors Jon Ryan and Connor Morrissette.

The first act  raped up with performances by FHS junior Devon Maloof and with the senior boys doing an amazing job by dancing to Roses.

The second act  is where Lovefest brought out its heavy hitters when the show started out the act with senior Alex Simpson and his band with a Aerosmith-like rock and roll performance that was ruminant of  the famous band when they played at FHS back in 1972.
And as the second act went on the performances got better and better with maybe the best act of the night with FHS junior  Mccabe Feerick dazzling the crowd with his unbelievable Evolution of dance performance.

“I thought Kip’s act was the best” FHS Junior  Griffin Tighe said  “His performance really brought people to their feet and I think it will make people remember the show a little more.”

The second act continued on with performances by Junior Caroline Knous and seniors Sean Donovan, Jake Sargeant, Jon Ryan, and Caitlyn Gearin that was a great setup for what was to rap up the show.

The Love cast and crew saved the best for last with a performance that members in the audience will not soon forget as FHS juniors Ben Jedneck, Griffin Tighe, Nick Zucco and senior Nick Allers with an electrifying singing act of the Backstreet Boys’s “I want it that way”

“I think we did a real good job performing” Jedneck said  We need to work on somethings moving forward  but I think for the time being we did great.”

The members of Lovefest have a lot to be proud after their performances and acts. They truly amazed the crowd and gained a lot of fans in only a two day span.

What did you think was the best act of Love Fest?


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