Mirage: New and Improved

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If you have never purchased an issue of Franklin High School’s literary magazine in the past, then this year is the time to start. Mirage, an annual publication comprised entirely of work submitted by students, has gotten a makeover, with new sections, additions, as well as a revamped style.

Laura Cafasso, junior and editor of Mirage‘s poetry section, explains that the club “accept[s] all forms of poetry, short stories and art to make a nice little collection of creative work from students at our school that normally don’t get to voice their own imagination.”

But this year’s issue will be the most modern one yet. “We’ll still have the literary angle, but we want it to be something that everybody can enjoy, not just the people who love to read and write,” said junior Jeffrey Roy Jr., editor of Mirage‘s new arts and culture section.

“We’re gonna have more art submissions,” added Katherine Nazarro, senior and editor Mirage‘s short stories section. The magazine will feature “issues in society,” Nazarro said, including pop culture, politics, and technology, that are related to famous books. Also new for the 2013 publication is a suggestions segment for readers to discover other novels that are similar to other popular works.

For more information on the club and what you can expect in the future issue, please watch the video above.

FHS students are encouraged to submit their creations to Mirage, anything from original song lyrics, types of poetry, doodles, social commentary, sketches, short stories, satire, drawings, book recommendations/reviews, short essays, and non-fiction writing. Forms of photography cannot be accepted due to their poor quality once the issue goes to print.
Submissions are collected in room B209 and can also be sent to [email protected]. The club will no longer take in submissions after this month.

While specific dates have not been decided, Mirage will be sold for two weeks during May. Check out Pantherbook in the upcoming months for more information.