The S.E.C comes to FHS

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As many of you have probably noticed, students now have the opportunity to have their directed study in the FHS cafeteria.

This new program, dubbed the Student Education Center (or S.E.C for short) was proposed by our very own Student Government.

“We had been hearing complaints about the library becoming to crowded and loud, and many students felt it was no longer beneficial to have directed study there.” says Student Government Corresponding Secretary Zak Borrelli.

Borrelli would go on to say…

“We wanted to reward the people who actually used their directed study to better themselves academically, so we proposed that students with a GPA of 3.5 or above be allowed to study in the cafeteria where multiple teachers would be available to help.”

Administration heard the idea, and supported the idea immediately, now students have a new place to work, socialize (as long as it is productive), and meet with teachers that can help them with their class work.

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