What Comes Next?

FHS seniors Erin Ohnemus and Becca Vickery stressing over college

FHS seniors Erin Ohnemus and Becca Vickery stressing over college

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Lindsey Morrissey, Confused senior searching for the answers

Many seniors have a great deal of concerns as they take a huge step towards the rest of their life.  Choosing where to go to college can be stressful but moving on with the process can cause much more anxiety and nerves.

The transition into college can be one of the most difficult times in a student’s life. Many questions come up as well as many different emotions.

Students are excited for college to make new friends and to become more independent but they can sometime forget the reality of it all. Freshmen in college face many challenges such as fitting in, balancing socializing and school work, and the new responsibilities of living on their own. 

Many seniors at Franklin high school are beginning to feel apprehensive as the end of the year approaches.

“I’m most worried about having a roommate. I’ve never had to share a room before.” says senior Erin Ohnemus

While most students are on the same page as her, a lot of them are more worried about their habits conflicting with their roommates.  Often students are worried about if they will get along with their roommate and if their wishes will be respected.

As well as getting along with their roommate, many face the daunting task of finding the right group of friends.

With the end of the school year approaching a lot of students are faced with mixed emotions. Excitement, nerves and confusion are just some of the many feelings new college freshmen experience.

In a few months a lot of these questions will answer themselves but for now seniors should be enjoying the last few months of their high school career.