Get ready for Lovefest 2014

The stage is set for Lovefest 2014!

The stage is set for Lovefest 2014!

Maggie McDonald, Pantherbook Writer

On Wednesday the 12th and Thursday the 13th, the theater department will once again put on it’s love themed show featuring funny sketches, musical acts, and dances in Lovefest.

“It’s about the 15th production of Lovefest, atleast” said Ms. Waters, the FHS theater teacher “the show has always been directed and scripted by students”

Like Cabaret, Lovefest allows students to show off their acting and musical talents. However, Lovefest is much different than Cabaret.

“In Lovefest, students write a lot of their own, original scripts” Ms. Waters told me.

This year’s musical performances include Tatyana Youseff, Shannon and Kristen Kinney, and, of course, the FHS Backstreet Boys.

“Were making a huge come back” said Backstreet Boy Griffin Tighe “We can’t tell you much but ladies be prepared”

For theater students like junior Taylor Watson, Lovefest is a new experience.

“I’m excited” Watson told me “I’m in a sketch called Arlene and I can’t wait for people to see it”

“The effort put into each show is amazing” said Ms. Waters “Students work really hard to get everything right”

Come support the theater department in Lovefest! Tickets are 5 dollars at the door for students and 10 dollars for adults at the door.