The First Ever Co-Ed FHS Intramural Volleyball League

Q baby posing with a volleyball

Q baby posing with a volleyball

Colton Cardinal, Student

With the first game starting on February 26th Franklin High School will kick off its first ever intramural co-ed volleyball league. The league being run by franklin guidance counselor Mr. Macreery and franklin teacher Mr. Schuler is finally taking action with the help of both men.

“The students have been waiting for this a long time” says junior student here at FHS Brian Sugrue.
The infant league has some strict restrictions though. Some of these rules consist of, minimum of six people per team, maximum of twelve people per team, maximum of thirteen student teams, and minimum of two girls on the court at all times “no exceptions” said by League commissioner Mr. Macreery.
There are several teams that have signed up already and appear to be ready to play. The teams captain for all teams just recently attended an anti bullying meeting with both Mr. Macreery and Mr. Schuler.

The league officials are taking no breaks to the three week long tournament with games running every Wednesday and Thursday at seven Pm in the field house. Spectators are welcome free of charge.