Rattle Rattle

Rattle Rattle

Rattle City at WPI for the Boys Basketball Central Sectional semi-finals

Jake Boynton, Sports Writer

Franklin High’s student section, Rattle City, has become a major part of Franklin athletics over the past few years. As the MIAA playoffs edge closer to the state championship games, with the boys and girls Basketball teams still alive, fan attendance at games is reaching season highs.

Rattle City creates such a Franklin-favored environment that many opposing teams do not handle positively.

Franklin High School senior, and Rattle City member Cullen Moore, added his thoughts about why he thinks makes the Franklin student section effective.

“I feel like FHS is one big family, each and every one of us wants to see our fellow students succeed and we want to do what we can to help. So, when you combine this with the overwhelming sense of humor that Franklin students possess, Rattle City bcomes a dangerous fan section that opposing teams hate going up against…Rattle City never quits because we hate losing,” said Moore.

Fellow senior, and varsity Hockey player, Stephen Neal also stated his thoughts about Rattle City.

“I think what makes Rattle City so effective is its organization and leadership. What separates it from other fan sections is the fact that a few people are in charge of choosing themes for games and starting chants, rather than letting things become a free for all,” said Neal.

With the girls Basketball team playing in the central sectional semi-finals on Tuesday and the boys on Friday in the central finals, both at WPI, students will have plenty of opportunities to cheer on their classmates.