The Last Lift

The Last Lift

Sunset at Wachusett

Thank You to Eric Cohen

Eric Cohen, Snowboard Enthusiast

Spring is coming and with that the end of Ski Club is here.

Monday marked the last day of ski club this year for students at Franklin High. Not only was it the last ski club of the year, for seniors it was the last trip ever together.

In high school there are few things that give students a time to relax and unwind. One thing there is though is Ski Club. Every Monday after the last bell rings the students gather there equipment and board the busses. They enjoy the hour long buss ride up to Wachusett Mountain. When they arrive they have four hours of peace to ride the mountain and enjoy with friends.

As the season winds down and the chairs come to a halt the kids start to pack their bags and reflect on the past season. They think back to the good times they had this year and laugh and joke on the bus ride home sharing stories of the season.

They talk about what it was like for them every week, how it was the place that they went to escape from the pressures of school and work. Every week for four hours they were free.

When asked if it was weird that ski club was over forever one senior responded like this.

“It is actually wicked weird that it is over. I have been doing it for four years, its an every season type of thing for me.” said senior Conor Sweeney.

For seniors it was something special. This year was the last time they will have something like this. Over the past four years the seniors have gone to ski club every week with a smile on their face. They made friends and made some turns. They used ski club as a time to unwind.

Although the year has come to an end its not all bad. With the end of ski club comes the start of spring. The start of the warm weather, and the start of the end of school year. For seniors it means graduation is right around the corner.

It’s a bitter sweet ending to the end of Ski Club. Like they say, all good things come to an end.