Snow Days Putting a Freeze on Summer Plans

Snow Days Putting a Freeze on Summer Plans

Some students have had enough of winter and school closings. (BTW – this is NOT an actual school cancellation…you still have school).

Erin Ohnemus

Inclement winter weather  hit New England hard this year causing schools to close and pushing summer vacation farther and farther away.

The snow and snow plows have caused damage to Franklin roads and signs, as well as creating dangerous driving conditions.  Because of the damages and conditions the snow has created, Franklin schools have closed for four snow days so far.

Heather Davis Franklin senior shares her opinion on snow this winter.

“I don’t like the cold weather, but I don’t mind the snow days because seniors don’t have to make them up at the end of the year,” Explained Heather.

The last day of school was originally June 16th, but now due to snow days the school year will end June 20th.

Sophomore Lydia Perez-Kocis shares her opinion on snow days cutting into summer.

“I think at first the snow days were nice… Now that we are going more into the summer, I don’t want to have any more..” Said Lydia.

As the threat of another blast of winter weather approaches, teachers and students are weighing the odds of yet another storm.