Out of Parents House into Dorm Rooms

Out of Parents House into Dorm Rooms

Senior Doug Buckley struggles picking out his own clothes.

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Eric Cohen

Seniors at Franklin High School start to feel the nerves of living on their own.

As the end of the school year is rapidly approaching, Seniors have one thing on their mind. Its time to move out of mom and dad’s house and move into a college dorm. For many kids this will be their first time living on their own with no help from their parents.

Living on their own means students are going to have to start doing things such as, cleaning, doing laundry, and figuring out what to eat for themselves. Things they never necessarily had to learn how to do while living at home.

Some seniors decided to voice their concerns and excitment about moving out next year.

One senior Lauren Irvine had some concerns specifically about doing laundry.

“Cleaning my room probably won’t be a problem, but laundry, I’ll have to learn how to do this summer,” said Lauren Irvine.

When asking another student about their fears  of doing things like laundry for themselves there reply was,

“I kind of already do my own laundry, I just don’t know how to fold,” said senior Olivia Marchioni.

It might not seem like a huge deal it is these types of small things that have seniors nervous. Seniors are going to have to start learning to do these things such as folding your clothes or keeping organized in order to succeed next year on their own and prepare them for living an adult life.

Although it might be a challenge for some at first, it is a good challenge. By forcing students to do things on their own it teaches them a lot of lessons that will be useful in their life. Living alone not only teaches kids these valuable tools to live on their own, but it teachers them a greater message. Hard work pays off.

Even though it might be challenge when first starting out if they work hard there will be nothing to worry about.

Seniors are going to have to learn some tricks and tips to living on their own over the summer. At least they still have their parents around for a little while longer to teach and guide them.