The Man, The Myth, The Legand: Mr. DiPalma



Lindsey Morrissey, Student

In their time at Franklin High, students have grown to know and love substitute teacher, Mr. DiPalma.

Mr. DiPalma has been a teacher for many years.

” I taught at Miami University for twelve and a half years as an electrical engineering professor… but I’ve been at the high school for about four and a half years” DiPalma said.

Teaching allows for many relationships to form, not only with students, but with other teachers as well.

“I felt like I was really at home when I got here… the teachers are great and I like the students a lot… We get along well” Mr. DiPalma answered.

Students in all grades have grown to know Mr. D and have formed great relationships with him.

Senior Becky Rittenhouse has Mr. DiPalma as a long term substitute for math this school year.

“My favorite thing about him is his quirky humor. It always made things a little easier in class” says Rittenhouse.

Sophomore Ashley Jacques is also a big fan of his.

” He is very genuine and sincere when he is talking to you. You can tell he really cares about us students” says Jacques.

Madison Harrington, a freshman, has also gotten to know Mr. DiPalma in her short time at FHS.

“Hes pretty funny. Its always nice to walk into class and see that he is my sub.”  Harrington says.

Mr. DiPalma, one of the well know substitutes at Franklin High School, has had his fair share at teaching and will continue to come back.