What Is Sci-Cafe?

Sci-Cafe Members! Photo Credits to Ms. Butler

Sci-Cafe Members! Photo Credits to Ms. Butler

Lindsey Morrissey

Sci-Cafe at Franklin High School gives students opportunities to explore and understand different career paths.

Sci-Cafe is a club that is open to all students. It is to inform student of all the different career options relating to science.

Ms. Butler, adviser of Sci-Cafe, took the time to explain what Sci-Cafe is.

“Sci-Cafe is a student club that invites speakers in the S.T.E.M field (science, technology, engineering and math) to come and speak about their careers,” Said Butler.

Sci-Cafe brings in speakers to help students understand different careers and how to build those careers. It is a chance for students to see all of the different careers out there that involve the S.T.E.M field. It exposes students to all the different job opportunities as well as, helps students create connections.

Sci-cafe does not have weekly meetings and it can work with busy students.

“we don’t have regular meetings. We meet only as needed and we have committees. we stay coordinated by emails.” Butler added.

Although Sci-Cafe is more of a speaker based club, there is new aspects that will be contributing to this club.

“We are thinking of bringing on a new component which is field trips” said butler.

If you are interested in joining this club you can reach Ms. Butler at [email protected]